Paula is an inspiration and a professional Master Pilates teacher. Roberta Ebli-Skstrom Even more, she has helped me reach goals that i would have ever thought! She is positive; demanding (in a good way) detailed oriented, and makes sure every move is slow and controlled and also giving it your best. I have done Pilates for 5 years before being instructed by Paula and there is a tremendous difference knowing an instructor that "knows" and understands with master education and further more knows your body and its challenges. I highly recommend Paula Coates to everyone who wants to feel better, healthier and stronger and getting one hell of a strong core!
~Roberta Ebli-Ekstrom

I initially joined Pilates as a way to exercise with my wife with limited expectations, thinking of Pilates as merely stretching. However, since doing Pilates the changes in my body and physical well being have been significant. And Pilates is more than just stretching. It is about increasing body strength, flexibility, balance, building muscle and toning.
Pilates has improved my flexibility, increased my upper body and lower body strength not only with muscle mass but also toning of the muscles elongating my body. Also, my low back pain has disappeared and i have dropped 2 pants size.
~David Groteluschen

I’m not just surviving, I am thriving because of Paula! With extensive knowledge and experience in Pilates and how the body moves, Paula designs each workout specifically for what I need in the moment. Her positive energy, and personal attention have helped me not only to recover from a mastectomy but to gain strength and flexibility. She helped me to move through a frozen shoulder so that I have full range of motion. Most recently she has helped me to alleviate the pain in my hip. She knows how to coax the body and when to push in ways that prevent injury. And there is nothing like the endorphin release that comes from core work. Thank you Paula! I recommend you to everyone I meet!
~ Tricia Matthew

Caitlin GroteluschenPaula was recommended to me through a friend to help me kick off getting back in shape after having my second child. I had practiced mat Pilates through classes and DVD's for close to 10 years prior and assumed i understood Pilates well. Then I trained with Paula! I realized very quickly that proper form in Pilates is the number one priority. Training on the machines with the proper corrections at the proper time has been transforming for me. The quality of my workouts with Paula are exceptional. They are tailored to my body and ability so that I am building strength, endurance, balance, and symmetry. I felt Pilates immediately, and saw results after only a few weeks of training. My husband started training with Paula as a result. We rarely miss our trainings-if we do, we are always anxious to get back. Paula has kept us motivated and helped us to reconstruct our workouts outside of Pilates as well. I am beyond thankful to have met Paula and to be able to train with her. She is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone ready for the power of Pilates!
~ Caitlin Groteluschen

Barb PeckumnI have a passion for endurance sports including marathons and long distance traithlons. After complications resulting from surgery, I had lost a tremendous amount of feeling and strength in my right leg. The injury had completely thrown my body off balance. Paula's keen eye immediately spotted my weakness. Through private Pilates training and in-home rehab instructions, Paula brought back my leg and foot back to a condition i did not think was possible. Paula corrected my entire body balance and enhanced my core strength. And I love her streching techniques! I am extremely thankful to Paula Coates and b Centered Training! I can run again!
~ Barb Peckumn

When I first came to see Paula just before turning 50, I thought I was in pretty good shape having kept fairly active walking and taking exercise classes most of my adult life. Unfortunately, I was born with flat feet and weak arches. I had been to a podiatrist for orthotics to better support my feet some years before. He never suggested exercises or strengthening might help me….although he did comment on how badly off-kilter my feet were. When I came to Paula my left arch had collapsed, with a swelling on my ankle that looked like a knot. I would get up in the morning and walk from my bed to the bathroom and then immediately put on shoes to get enough support to feel comfortable walking. I tied my shoes very tightly for maximum support…..I used to break a lot of shoe laces!

Over the course of a year and a half of training, I feel better now than I have since I was twenty. Paula immediately went to work with me to strengthen my arches, ankles and glutes, all of which enabled me to relearn to walk correctly. Last summer I wore sandals often (something I hadn’t felt comfortable doing in years) and I go barefoot at home now without feeling unsupported.

My posture has improved immensely thanks to Paula’s strengthening and stretching of my neck, chest and shoulders. I actually gained an inch in height! I had no core strength and now feel strong. My flexibility was pretty much non-existent: I have made monumental strides and continue to improve.

I’m amazed at the difference Paula has made for me. She has an amazing ability to read what each person’s body needs and then prescribe the right exercise to strengthen that area. With personal attention, Paula constantly tweaks form to make sure my body is properly aligned while I’m working out. It’s surprising what a difference a slight movement can make and it highlights the reason personal training is worth it. Every minute of the training time is put to good use, and centers on what my body most needs that day. I always leave feeling refreshed mentally as well as physically, ready to face the rest of my day in a positive way. Finding Paula has been a god-send to me!
~ Beth Clabots

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