bCentered Training Class Descriptions

Equipment Class

Push and pull your way through a full-body workout by using EXO® split pedal chairs with added functional resistance kits and springboards. Preregistration needed.

Pilates Mat Class

A challenging workout done on the mat that uses the Pilates principles to strengthen core muscles, align and balance your body. Small props used in class: Arcs, rings, balls, and Fletcher braided towels. Preregistration needed.

Pilates Circuit Class

Classes are taught circuiting through the spring equipment with optional bursts of cardio. Class size is limited to 6 people. Preregistration needed.

Barre Class

A full-body, low impact workout concentrating on the hips, thighs, glutes, abdominals and arms using high repetitions -feel the burn. Springs and small props used in class. Preregistration needed.

Fusion Class

This is a full-body, head to toe class with a unique twist by instructor choice. You may do barre work, you may do Pilates equipment, you may do Pilates mat work, or you may do yoga OR any combination of them!! It provides overall strengthening, flexibility challenges, and breath work. Preregistration needed.

Pop-Up Classes

We regularly add some extra fun on our schedule.

Private Training

You work one-on-one with the trainer. This is the most specialized and effective way to approach Pilates. Your workout is tailored to your particular needs and goals maximizing your results. 50 min.

Duet Training

Duets provide semi-individualized Pilates training. Two clients of similar ability work in tandem with the instructor. 50 min.

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